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Examples of pathological findings

—Echocardiographic examinations

—Cardiac function and PA pressure

—Examples of pathological

Valvular heart disease
Intracardiac masses
Pericardial disease
Aortic dissection
Congenital heart disease

Aortic dissection

Guidelines and Standards
Multimodality Imaging of Diseases of the Thoracic Aorta in Adults, 2015.

Classification of aortic dissection

Standford A

Left: dissection membrane starts approx. 2 cm above the aortic valve, the ascending aorta is aneurysmatic.

Right: view of the ascending aorta, so far it can be seen in the TEE examination. The left main bronchus hinders usually visualization of intersection of ascending aorta to the aortic arch.

Left: cross-section of the ascen- dant aorta in the same case. Notice the intramural hematoma previous to start of dissection membrane.

Right: further away of the aortic valve, intramural hematoma and start of dissection membrane.

Standford B

Left: descending aorta short after intersection from the aortic arch. Flat, wall-adherent plaques.

Right: same case, further distal from in the descending aorta, a large intramural hematoma can be seen.

Left: more distal, a dissection membrane with entrance tear can be seen. False lumen at the bottom of the image.

Right: dissection membrane with entrance tear and color Doppler flow display.

Left: dissection membrane with entrance tear and PW-Doppler flow display.

Right: further distal in the descen- dant aorta, pronounced spontane- ous echo contrast in false lumen.


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