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—Echocardiographic examinations

—Cardiac function and PA-pressure

—Examples of pathological


Echocardiography is the most important non-invasive diagnostic imaging method in cardiology. It represents an essential pillar and a systematically relevant unit in modern cardiology.

Cardiologists should master the technique. Since the introduction of hand-held echocardiography devices, also general practitioners are able to conduct an examination, for example in emergency situations to exclude a hemodynamically significant pericardial effusion.

Echobasics is an elementary echocardiography tutorial. It is intended to serve as introduction to this diagnostic method and is directed to fellow professionals who start routinary diagnostic work. This concise, schematic summary has no claims of completeness and must be supplemented with the numerous reference books on the issue. Echobasics is not intended for self-diagnosis and does not replace professional advice from a physician.

Cornerstones of echocardiographic report are depicted in this graphic. Examination standards are defined by guidelines and recommendations from the different societies of echocardiography. Correct implementation of standards, with concomitant or subsequent analysis of anatomic characteristics and pathophysiological changes, finally lead to a successful interpretation of findings.

Echocardiography is surely one of the most exciting diagnostic methods in medicine. This introduction aims to transmit at least part of the enthusiasm generated by this amazing tool.

Dr. med. Derliz Mereles, MD

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