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Echocardiography 5 minutes before starting  

Echocardiographic examinations

—Echocardiographic examinations

Transthoracic examination
TEE - views
Stress echocardiography
Contrast echocardiography
Cardiac asynchrony
Strain Imaging
3D | 4D echo
Indications for echocardiography
Training in echocardiography

—Cardiac function and PA pressure

—Examples of pathological

Stress echocardiography

Echocardiographic examinations under dynamic or pharmacological stress are conducted with strict, and continuous monitoring and documentation of systemic arterial pressures and ECG. Image documentation and archiving are carried out by means of digital softwares, which allow a posterior evaluation of the examination in quad screen format.

ASE recommendations for performance, interpretation and application of stress echocardiography, 2007.

Standard protocols are used for the different stress modalities.

Dynamic stress echocardiogram

Pharmacological stress echocardiogram: Dobutamine

Pharmacological stress echocardiogram: Dipyridamole